Pediatrician insights: which stroller to choose

Parents expecting a newborn face a huge dilemma – choosing a stroller for the future baby. Today, unlike 20-30 years ago, the offer is immense. However, not only the parents of infants, but also professionals are concerned about means used to carry our little ones in this erratic climate of four different seasons.

The manufacturer of Lithuanian strollers NOORDI offers Silver Plus technology for fabrics characterized by cleanliness, freshness that protect fabric from environmental pollution and dirt.

The positive impact on the energy of silver and its healing and anti-bacterial properties have been widely studied by Indian Ayurvedic scholars, Arab alchemists in their treatises, and by ancient Chinese medicine. Silver ions protect against the environment pollution, bacteria, germs and mould spores that are constantly in the air. These properties of fabrics have been ingeniously and very thoughtfully applied for baby strollers. The use of modern, latest technologies in strollers perfectly reflects the manufacturer's approach to children's health.

The excellent range of new fabrics is in line with global trends both by colour palette and the natural fabric quality. New materials are not only impermeable to rain and moisture, but also breathable – allowing air to circulate. The range of the stroller exterior colours is relatively big, while the interior colours are light and comfortable. Light inner surface is cleaned with natural detergents, and if it becomes very dirty, it can be replaced. Plastic parts are made from plastic certified for use in children's toys.

High quality baby sleep is provided by natural coir mattress. It is made from the coconut protective layer and is strong, elastic, breathable, and resistant to moisture. Coir mattresses also have anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties.

The crib backrest lifting function allows you to create a pleasant and safe lying position for the baby, especially in cases where the baby tends to belch and regurgitate food, as according to the latest statistics, the increase in gastroesophageal reflux causes particular problems in infants and young children. These immature digestive tract problems are revealed already in the first months of infancy and in most cases disappear before the first baby’s birthday. Only a convenient strong lifted backrest will ensure peaceful sleep of the child after meals, and will help to avoid sudden coughing and choking hazard. The lifted cradle backrest is also necessary if your baby spends a lot of time in the stroller. The straight line position of the sports part is tailored for a newborn and a baby physiology, as a small child spends more time sleeping than awake. Straight physiological body position provides high quality sleep and good development. Components of the crib and the sports stroller have a special insect safety net required during the summer months for your baby to sleep outdoors. It also has extra protection from rain drops or snowflakes.

The stroller hood has a ventilation grid to allow for air flow and sunlight to the baby. The crib bottom has additional ventilation holes to ensure air circulation because the protective function of the skin is not perfect in newborns and babies. The epidermis is soft, fluffy, and inadequate elastic and collagen fibres are more vulnerable to mechanical, thermal and chemical stimuli, or radiation factors. Heat production in babies is still too low, and thermal conductivity and intense sweating are abundant because of the dense subcutaneous vascular network. Physiologically, their blood vessels are enlarged, and sweat glands are very active. The primary function of sweat glands is to control body temperature. The forehead area, neck, forearm and hand area of the baby are highly responsive to ambient temperature.

In order to maintain the optimum temperature, the cradle bottom is equipped with additional ventilation holes to ensure air circulation and to maintain a constant temperature in the cradle. The cradle hood is equipped with a special mesh for fresh air and indirect sunlight in order to improve the synthesis of vitamin D in the baby’s skin. The hood can be adjusted in several positions, such as when a baby does not sleep, you can decide how much sun you want to redirect to him, but when he is sleeping, you can fully open it.

After removing the cradle from the frame with the sleeping baby, it can be quietly and softly placed on the ground thanks to the rubber rails. This is a huge advantage for sensitive babies.

Therefore, the mom’s and dad’s criteria for assessing the properties of this stroller are different. Mothers are usually concerned about the exterior, colour, additional pocket options and, of course, the weight. 

Meanwhile, technical and functional characteristics are important for fathers: suspension, stability, security and the ease of folding. Amortization, flexible axes are developed for soft drive of the stroller, to absorb vibrations on uneven pavement, ensuring the baby’s peaceful sleep. Modern 5-point safety belt system meets international EU safety requirements for baby carriages and ensures safety.

Moreover, when choosing a baby stroller, we must consider the family’s place of residence, seasonality, hobbies and the car size. If your child is expected in late autumn, winter or early spring, during the first 6-7 months the child's cradle should be sufficiently spacious and large, to fit in a thickly dressed baby and additional blankets. The strong wheels must be large enough, it must be easy to drive, easy to fold up and put in the trunk of a car. If your baby will be born in late spring, summer or early autumn, in this case, at least in the first months of life you will not need warm clothes and blankets, therefore, requirements of the stroller are less stringent.

As I said, when choosing a stroller, it is important to take into account the family residence. If you live in a family house outside the city, and take your child out only for a sleep, or rarely travel along the park paths, you might prefer a stroller with soft chassis. If you live in the city and often walk around the park paths, like going to shopping centres, you should rather choose a stroller with a rigid, the so-called sport chassis. The new NOORDI has both chassis options. Ultra-stable chassis with reinforced brake mechanism and with sport chassis front wheels easily rotating 360°. The wheel fork is flexible and perfectly absorbs resistance force and impacts on uneven road. Reflectors allow car drivers to notice the stroller even in the dark.

Removing and installing the cradle is comfortable enough, because it is fixated in only two points, while the sports part may be foldable together with chassis. When choosing a stroller for your unborn baby, you should come to shop, test all functions and choose the colour pleasant for your eyes, test the car seat, and evaluate its advantages and safety.

Doctor pediatrician allergy-pulmonologists
Doc. dr. E.Vaitkaitienė