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How long can the repair work last?

Each case is individual. However, we will put all the efforts to solve all your problems as soon as possible, to enable you to continue to enjoy your Noordi Stroller.

How much does it cost to repair Noordi stroller after the expiry of the warranty period?

Each case is individual. We may guarantee that the service centers authorized by Noordi will provide you the top-quality service and will apply fair and optimal prices.

Do you undertake responsibility for the quality of replaced parts of the Noordi stroller

The Noordi company assumes responsibility for the quality of original replaced parts and works performed by the authorized service centers.

Where can I send my Noordi stroller to be repaired?

You should contact any authorized Noordi representative in your country, or contact us directly completing the online enquiry form.

What additional weight could be carried on Noordi baby stroller?

Any heavy item hanging on the stroller’s handle impairs its balance, therefore we recommend no more than 3kg in total, this includes in the basket and on the handle.

Is the Noordi stroller suitable whilst jogging?

Noordi strollers are not meant to be used whilst doing any active sport. It is important that you make sure your baby is secure using the safety harness prior to taking your baby out.

Where is it best to store your Noordi stroller?

Keep your Noordi stroller out of reach of children. Bear in mind that if the Noordi stroller is kept in any places where temperature changes occur, it may cause condensation inside of the stroller.

How to take care of all textile fabrics of your Noordi stroller?

  • For best results, clean the textile fabric when any marks appear
  • There is no need to remove upholstery of the baby stroller.
  • The internal liners of the Noordi stroller may be hand washed at maximum temperature of 30°C. Use gentle detergents. Rinse thoroughly. Dry naturally.
  • Clean the Noordi stroller’s parts made from artificial leather, with a damp cloth using gentle detergent. Dry at room temperature.

How often do periodic inspection and maintenance of Noordi strollers need to be carried out?

  • Clean the frame using the soft cloth moistened in lukewarm water. Dry with dry cloth and lubricate all its connections. If the Noordi stroller is used in winter, clean frequently, ideally once a week, as insufficient cleaning may result in rust.
  • It is recommended to lubricate the wheel axels, hubs and bearings every 3 months (clean them before lubrication). The axels may be lubricated with motor oils.
  • It is necessary to control the pressure level of the wheels and to clean them from dust and sand. The recommended pressure in the wheels cannot exceed 1 bar.
  • Use a sponge to clean the textile fabric and handle. Rub mildly the area you want to clean using warm water and liquid soap. Remove all the remains of soap left on the textile part and handle.

What does the warranty NOT cover for Noordi strollers?

The warranty is not provided in the following cases:

  • In the case of natural wear and tear of the Noordi stroller during usage.
  • In the case of damage caused by unsuitable usage or maintenance.
  • In the case of any repair works performed by any unauthorized persons.
  • Regarding baby stroller’s wheels.
  • In the case of any damage caused by the purchase
  • Regarding damage and tears caused by the purchaser.
  • In the case of discoloration of fabrics due to long exposure to the sun.

Is the warranty provided for all Noordi strollers?

The official manufacturer’s warranty is provided to all Noordi baby strollers purchased in reputable retailers. For a list please contact your nearest distributor. If you need more information, contact us directly.

Where can I purchase accessories, spare parts and adapters suitable for the Noordi strollers?

Contact your nearest distributor who will be able to help. Any problems contact us directly.

How do I know I have received everything I ordered?

Select the range of the baby stroller you have purchased on the website where you will find all the items that are sold with each range. Any problems contact us directly.

May I choose a different Noordi frame to go with my chosen stroller?

The type and color of the frame may be restricted with each of the Noordi strollers, therefore you should discuss this question with the seller authorized by Noordi to confirm the correct frames to use.

What is the function of the Noordi Strollers?

Before using your Noordi stroller, read through carefully the technical book prior to use that is included with the product, or select the name of the baby stroller you have purchased on the website, where you can find an informative video.

Where can I find dimensions and weights of Noordi baby strollers?

Visit the column “Manuals and Catalogues”. If you need more information, contact us directly.

What materials are used to make Noordi baby strollers?

All the models of Noordi collection are made using the reliable, high-quality, ecologic and antibacterial materials, which provide safety and comfort for your baby. These qualities are certified by the ISO 9001 and Oeko-Tex standard 100.

What distinguishes Noordi baby strollers from other manufacturers of baby strollers?

The original design of Noordi baby strollers was created and developed by top Norwegian designers and developers. In pursue of the top quality, Noordi baby strollers are being produced in Lithuania.

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