Sustainable Choices in Noordi Production

Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of Noordi philosophy. Conscious design and production decisions are aimed at expanding the lifetime of our strollers, while also minimising waste and saving energy resources. Noordi strollers are manufactured responsibly, leaving minimal impact on the environment, and promoting durability as the key ingredient of design.

Seek sustainability in practice

The main idea of sustainability is simply to choose long-term, high-quality things over quick rewards and short-visioned ideas, this way avoiding excessive consumption and minimising waste. From materials used, and partnerships made, to packaging and transportation of our products – we aim to use every opportunity to contribute to a healthier, happier world.

  • Noordi uses natural and durable materials to make strollers withstand various conditions and still look great even after years of use.
  • The stroller chassis is made of 100% recyclable aluminium. All plastic and fabric elements are recyclable, too.
  • While typically in the EU products are manufactured to reliably work during the warranty period (two years), Noordi strollers, on average, perform flawlessly for up to seven years

Noordi strollers are designed to last, and this extended use means not only saving resources but also a different habit – to maintain, instead of replacing. 

Encourage others to think more sustainably

What can users do to contribute to a less polluted, more sustainable world? Our #1 recommendation – take good care of your stroller. It’s made of quality materials not by accident.

  • Innovative fabrics used in Noordi strollers help keep water and mud away, they’re more scratch-resistant, and colours don’t fade as quickly. This means you won’t need to get a new stroller just because your current one looks old or worn out. 
  • The Scandinavian sense of aesthetics makes it easy to look stylish with any Noordi model, regardless of the season, fashion trends, or environment. Subtle forms and lines and nature-inspired colours all speak of timeless minimalist elegance.
  • In case your off-road adventures get too adventurous and you need to fix something afterward, Noordi has tech service locations in Lithuania, Chech Republic, and the UK, so mechanical issues don’t mean the end of the road for the stroller. 

Noordi strollers were created with environmentally-conscious owners in mind – owners who use and reuse, then upcycle or give the stroller away for its continued journey in another family. As the motto of sustainability reads – choose well and make it last.