Noordi Fjordi and the First Off-Road trip in the Mountains

Have you ever wondered how exploring the great outdoors with Noordi feels? New parents Barb and Pavel share their experience conquering the Giant Mountains with Noordi Fjordi. 

For the first overnight trip with our three months old baby boy, we headed out to the mountains. No other than the highest mountain range in Czech Republic – The Giant Mountains (or Krkonoše). Staying in the village at the base of its highest peak, we finally gave our Noordi Fjordi a proper test drive in nature.

There we enjoyed three rainy days, which our Noordi Fjordi stroller handled brilliantly. We successfully conquered forest paths, gravel roads, potholes in asphalt roads, and stones. Strolling was easy even though the terrain sometimes required professional technical steering, as we called it. But no obstacles were big enough and we eventually reached our destination.

The fourth generation of Fjordi strollers is focused on the baby's comfort in any weather conditions, and that’s what we appreciate the most.

The carrycot fabric is waterproof and it perfectly protects our baby from rain and wind. So while mommy and daddy got soaked wearing their raincoats, our little one was either sleeping contentedly or looking out the window, cosy in the warmth and comfort of a thermal carrycot. During the heavy rains, when, as Czechs say, it was pouring like from a watering can, the rain protection cover came in very handy.

The raindrops stick beautifully to the top of the fabric and do not roll anywhere. This and the waterproof protection of zippers and joints make sure that the rain has no way of getting to the baby.

We are very proud and happy to be a part of the Noordi family and can't wait to explore more off-road possibilities with our Fjordi stroller.

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