At Kids Time 2019 NOORDI introduced the new stroller LUNO

On 20th-22nd of February, the 10th anniversary of KIDS’ TIME took place at Kielce. KIDS’ TIME is the place where market leaders from the whole world meet. Kielce exhibition is one of the world’s largest trade-shows of such kind. Stroller manufacturer NOORDI was among more than 500 participants.

Nordic stroller manufacturer NOORDI participated in this exhibition for the first time. This time NOORDI surprised the exhibitors by presenting their new stroller LUNO. The new NOORDI stroller LUNO stands out for its design and engineering solutions, which received a huge attention from visitors of the exhibition.

The representative of the NOORDI company said: „In making each LUNO, our focus is on making your baby feel comfortable and safe. We want this stroller to be a trusted travel companion, a partner in discovering the many everyday wonders of the world, and a friend for sharing new experiences while also always protecting from possible perils”.



The ultra-light, with a cosy spacious thermal cradle lets babies enjoy both unforgettable adventures and a sense of peace whenever they’re out and about.

The unique part of the baby stroller LUNO is a thermal cradle made from the material Arcel. ARCEL™ is a special combination of polyethene materials that was invented exclusively for LUNO cradles to ensure exceptional lightness and firmness. The most innovative lightweight cradle which only weights 3,7 kg. Its thermal resistance exceeds that of the regular plastic cradle and guarantees the utmost comfort for the baby at any weather. The cradle is especially spacious inside, so a baby may feel free even when dressed in many layers.

LUNO cradle



Parents will love how the LUNO is made for urban life, with fast-folding highly compact features, giving them the flexibility they need around town.

The functionality of this model cannot be left unnoticed. The frame LUNO has been developed and improved for several years. The team of engineers Noordi focused on durability, compactness and simplicity. Therefore, a new frame Noordi is especially compact, easy-to-fold, that grants comfort to the baby’s parents. The new frame may be also folded together with the seat unit, that makes the life of parents even easier. The shock-absorbing part present in the frame absorbs the unevenness of pavement perfectly and allows the baby to feel comfortable in the baby stroller.

LUNO frame



LUNO is based on subtle and solid design solutions for stylish parents. Its unique colour mix is well-studied, mirroring nature. LUNO is available in the following colour combinations:


his combination of colours was created for people, who appreciate minimalism and elegance. The well-preserved colour tones and quality materials will match any style perfectly.



It is a combination of colours that is conservative and royal, but at the same time distinguished boldly by its bright silver details that highlight individuality. These colours remind of a starlit sky that creates a sense of safety and calmness.



Darker tones of green textile and brown leather are predominant in this combination that seems to transfer you into the nature’s lap. The selected fabric of aristocratic green colour is an excellent choice for people, who do not want to see black or grey shades. These colours reinforce the sense of freshness, naturalness and energy.



The dark green and grey shades interwoven in this combination seem to transfer you to the ocean depths.



The choice of light grey fabric and dark brown leather reflects Nordic minimalism. These are especially practical and universal colour tones that will match outfits of any parent.


The waterproof fabrics and many calming elements ensure maximum comfort for your baby. And the eco-leather accents give the stroller a look of modern luxury and style. So it’s an ideal and highly functional accessory, underlining parents’ smart taste.