Hygge from the Early Days with Noordi

You might have noticed the untranslated word hygge used widely to describe the nordic sense of comfort, cosiness, and quality of life. Hygge is often visualised as a wholesome family moment with candles, fireplaces, chunky blankets, and cups of warm tea in the picture. But the Scandinavian notion of life quality covers more than that – functionality and flexibility are essential for comfort.

Noordi serves hygge principles by creating baby strollers for the most pleasant and effortless time together, bringing family cosiness outdoors and not losing any comfort. 

Noordi strollers are designed for smooth performance in various natural conditions, conquering off-roads, or simply cruising for a relaxing nap in the fresh air.

Expanding family’s comfort zone

Hygge for babies means spending lots of time with parents, feeling them close, and forming an attachment filled with safety and comfort. Hygge for parents means satisfaction with life that comes with the freedom to be active, explore, and let the baby experience different environments, temperatures, or sounds while feeling perfectly comfortable and safe. Noordi strollers give you more freedom to choose when and where to go, regardless of weather or terrain. Embracing all that nature has to give is hygge.

Quality and durability for a more sustainable world

Being able to trust and rely on your baby gear is essential for a pleasant time exploring the outdoors. Noordi strollers were created taking into consideration every detail and seeking hygge in sustainable engineering. We believe that a healthier, happier world starts with innovative, high-quality products manufactured responsibly. Noordi uses durable and natural materials to design strollers that withstand various conditions and still look great even after years of navigating forest paths. 

Safety and serenity with aesthetics in mind

Functional and elegant nordic design is Noordi’s way of protecting the baby and bringing more hygge vibes while doing it. We use advanced technology to make our products, but each piece is hand-finished by seamstresses and quality assurance experts. Each stroller model has its unique colour palette, inspired by natural, earthy shades. The warmth and comfort your baby feels when safely snuggled in a Noordi stroller – that’s hygge, too.