How to take care about the baby stroller Noordi correctly?

When a baby stroller is chosen, it is important that it would be pleasant and comfortable not only for the baby but also for the parents. However, to keep the selected baby stroller functional for a long period, it has to be maintained and cleaned. Therefore, we will provide some advice, how to keep a baby stroller tidy and safe for your baby longer. 



The baby strollers are made from fabrics and leather so they accumulate dirt that has to be cleaned periodically (once a week). In order to clean the fabrics, they have to be removed from the stroller’s parts. The leather parts of the baby stroller and the fabrics may be wiped with damp cloth using a mild detergent. Then the baby stroller should be left to get dry naturally. Never use a dryer for a baby stroller, do not leave it by a radiator or fire. It may cause harm to the fabric.

The internal liners of the baby strollers are removed from the mattress and should be washed by hand at temperature not exceeding 30 °C. Use a mild laundry detergent intended for babies for washing. Do not use whiteners or organic solvents in order to avoid damage of the fabric. Rinse carefully and dry naturally. The inner slips may be ironed using not hot iron. 100% cotton has to be put between the fabric and the iron at any time while ironing, so that the slip’s surface could be protected.

If you want the baby stroller’s material to preserve the original colour as long as possible, never leave your baby stroller under direct sunlight for a while. The sun may change colour of fabrics and materials. Always use rain cover when it is raining or snowing. Never keep a baby stroller in cold and/or wet place. It will help you to avoid condensate and mould.




It is also important to take care of the baby stroller’s frame. It has to be cleaned every time on return after a ride. Use clean lukewarm water to clean dirt from the frame. Metal cleaners may damage meal construction of the frame, and the frame should be dried by soft cloth. Dry naturally, keeping distance from sources of fire/heat. Before the baby stroller is folded or left in the storage, make sure that it is completely dry. The regular cleaning will protect the baby stroller from corrosion caused by salty water that gets on the frame.

Clean and dry the frame regularly and lubricate all its connections. If the baby stroller is used in winter, it should be cleaned at least once a week, because insufficient cleaning may result in rust.




The wheels have to receive proper attention. Every time you return from a ride, clean the wheels by clean lukewarm water and dry them well using a damp cloth. Use soft brush to clean sand or dirt present on the wheels and brake system. Remove the wheels from the chassis periodically and clean sand and dirt from inside of the wheel’s axis. Avoid salty water as it may cause corrosion. Never leave a baby stroller in the sun as it may deform the wheels’ cases. Besides, do not leave a baby stroller on light flooring for a longer period (especially on PVC or linoleum) as rubber tyres may leave black stripes.

The wheel axes, hubs and bearings have to be lubricated every 3 months. Motor oils may be used for lubrication. Do not forget to clean them before lubrication. Check the pressure in the wheels regularly to make sure that they are well inflated. The recommended pressure in the wheels cannot exceed 1 bar.


  • Whether all the retainers and folding mechanisms of the baby stroller are working properly.
  • Whether all the rivets, screws and nuts are tightened well and unbroken.
  • Whether the plastic parts are not broken or cracked.
  • Whether the wheel nuts are in good condition.
  • Whether all the adhesive fasteners and clips are fastened well.
  • Whether the brakes are functioning well.