Just like nature reborns each spring, it is time for Noordi Aqua to transform into an even more exciting version - Aqua Thermo. This stroller will be your invitation to spend as much time outside as you can.

Compact Aqua Thermo is perfect for city life but its powerful chassis is strong enough to conquer any uneven road. So after maneuvering in a crowded cafe on a Sunday brunch you can take Aqua Thermo hiking on any forest trail and it will perform like a true champ.


New technology ThermoPad

When it comes to a stroller's cot, it must create perfect conditions for your tiny human. To achieve that, upgraded Aqua features the newest Thermo technology version - ThermoPad.

Thermo technology is built to have a high thermal resistance which makes sure the temperature in the cot stays ideal for the well-being of your baby. With ThermoPad neither cold, nor hot temperature will affect the microclimate in the cot and it will remain pleasant for the little one.

Furthermore, specifically designed patterns of the pad encourage air movement and thus keeps the carrycot dry and prevents the growth of bacteria and mold. This ultralight cot pad shields infants from external impact since it’s made of durable yet elastic materials similar to the ones used in safety helmets.


Freedom to the ventilation

New Aqua Thermo features a triple air flow system in the canopy, which ensures a sufficient amount of fresh air circulation in the cot. The upper air vent is redesigned to be wider than the previous one and is now opened by bending the fabric upwards.

This allows you to regulate the size of the opening effortlessly. Added bottom air vent, beside ensuring fresh air coming at the base of the cot, also gives entertainment to your baby. When your little one is laying on the tummy, an open mesh window provides opportunity to explore the surroundings.

Ergonomic details

Stroller being extra comfortable for a baby is one thing, but a good pushchair must also be ergonomic for the ones controlling it.

The newest version of Aqua was redesigned having parents in mind. For instance, the handle of the frame is raised so that it would be more comfortable for a user. Having your hands sitting comfortably on the handle will let you take longer strolls with an ease.

Furthermore, Aqua Thermo features brand new adapters which are easy to fasten and securely hold carrycot on the frame. Moreover, it’s even more convenient to adjust the position of the Aqua Thermo roof as it features a single adjuster on one side. This way parents can do all the adjustments with one hand and keep the other one free for the little one.




  • Compact foldable carrycot;
  • Thermopad in carrycot;
  • Wind protection with a peek-a-boo window;
  • Leg cover with double zippers;
  • Adjustable sun canopy;
  • 3x ventilation;
  • Adjustable leg cover with zippers;
  • Inner cotton fabrics with SILVER-IONS™ technology;

 Seat unit: 

  • Wide and comfortable seat unit with adjustable backrest;
  • Changing the position of the seat unit;
  • Compactly foldable seat unit;
  • Double hood with ventilation;
  • Seat unit with magnetic harness system;


  • Compact fast-folding chassis
  • Adjustable lateral shock absorption system;
  • Smart amortisation system;
  • All-around safe chassis folding system;
  • Real Gel™ wheels;
  • One-click™ brake system; 
  • Adjustable eco-leather handle;
  • Lockable front wheels; 
  • Large shopping bag; 
  • Aluminum chassis;