Introducing ThermoCot™: an innovative carrycot technology

Safe & exceptionally comfortable stroller carrycot for babies

We believe that a good stroller needs to accommodate baby's needs no matter the season or weather conditions. It is our priority to ensure that babies feel comfortable in the carrycot and protected from wind, cold or heat. With this goal in mind, we have developed ThermoCot™ technology, which regulates carrycot's microclimate and adapts to different weather conditions. For more than 3 years now, ThermoCot™ technology has been used in Noordi strollers and is performing perfectly. 

What is ThermocotTM?

ThermoCot™ is an innovative combination of polyethylene materials that make the carrycot outstandingly light, durable, and robust. Similar material is used in the construction of safety helmets. 


What are the ThermocotTM advantages?


The ThermoCot™ carrycot is incredibly light. With all the carrycot details, plastic reinforcements, and fabric trim, it can weigh between 3.7 - 4 kg.



ThermoCot™ benefits from thermoregulatory features, unlike the standard plastic carrycot. Compared to the plastic carrycot, ThermoCot™ guarantees comfort for babies in both cold and hot weather. All parts of the carrycot equalise the temperature and stop moisture settling, which prevents mould growth.


The combination of materials is durable yet elastic. Noordi engineering team has thoroughly tested this carrycot. The test results showed that the carrycot structure could withstand up to 104kg weight and 24kg weight hit from 0.5-meter height. These tests prove ThermoCot™ to be an extra safe carrycot for your baby, providing not only micro-regulation but also protection from external hazards.


ThermoCot™ technology is used in the following Noordi strollers: Fjordi, Luno, Luno All trails.