We come from the Nordic region, where great design is a way of life! NOORDI strollers were created by taking into consideration every detail, optimal balance and comfort. At Noordi, we want to contribute to a more sustainable world through innovative, high-quality products manufactured responsibly.

Inspired by Nordic nature and based on Scandinavian design and quality, we encourage parents to live actively and explore the outdoors with their babies. Let's start this journey together and go for a stroll "The Northern Way".


Parenting is a journey. It takes us from our starting position in life, when we know zero about parenting and kids, on a journey to experience new things and grow as human beings to become a child's hero. 

The North pointing arrow is a symbol showing the origins of Noordi – North Europe.  It's a  subtle guide for parents to live an active life with their babies on their parenting journey.


The Northern Way philosophy

At Noordi, we are passionate about Nordic nature and want to inspire parents to rediscover it with their kids. We wish to motive parents to be more environmentally conscious. Therefore, by creating creative content, we'll be educating our consumers about product care to extend the product's lifecycle. Together, we'll all contribute and grow nature awareness in society.

Sustainable manufacturing

25 years of experience has led to the creation of an optimal production chain. Following our sustainability goals, we make conscious decisions to manufacture more eco-friendly ways, use more natural materials and leave a minimum impact on the environment. 

In this manner, we reduce carbon oxide usage by about 30% more than before. Over 50% of all factories' energy-consuming is from renewable sources of energy. In addition to our recycling efforts, we have launched a creative upcycling initiative to give garments another purpose.

Scandinavian design quality

Stylish Scandinavian minimalism, reliable design and natural materials perfected to the final stitch are our product design foundations that we believe in. Every Noordi product is made with love and great attention to detail, and whilst we use advanced technology to make our products, each piece is hand-finished with the touch of a seamstress and quality assurance experts.


We want to ensure that everything we produce meets high demands for user-friendliness, quality, consumer health, and safety. Therefore, we created a bespoke Noordi Triple Testing SystemTM for Noordi strollers to undergo 3 testing phases:

Quality control in Noordi Testing LAB

Here at Noordi, we test the above industry-set requirements. The newest strollers undergo rigorous stability, uneven surface test, protective zone test, fatigue, and environmental tests to make sure parents and their babies are safe whenever their journey takes them.

Testing and certification according to EN safety regulations

Noordi strollers are being tested and certified according to EN safety regulations to meet all requirements.


Fire resistant

Real parent reviews

Testing or a lab environment can't fully replicate real-life situations. Therefore, we have launched a testing program to get real parents to test our products daily life and provide us with their reviews.