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Inspired by incredible Norwegian nature, we created strollers, which have become unique, not only because of the safety and functional features, but also due to the elegance and style.


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Polaris City

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Check out #Sole seat unit which looks very comfortable! 🔅#Sole is so bright you will definitely stand out from the crowd!
🔅Waterproof fabrics
🔅Safety reflectors
🔅5-point safety harness#Noordi fjordi is all about the details and love of Scandinavia! 🏞Because you bring sparks to each other eyes ✨Do you know what #Noordi Fjordi can offer for your child? 🔆 The answer is warm afternoon sleep in the winter and sky observations through a ventilated hood in the summer! ✨Distinguished by its exceptional design this #Fjordi stroller combines leather and melange fabrics in order to satisfy every fashion loving mom! 🌟