Polaris Sport

Is an oasis of peace for your Little One within the turmoil of a hectic city.

Light, comfortable, maneuverable, quickly and easily foldable stroller will give you the freedom of movement by car or by city bus, on a walkway in a park or on Old Town cobble-stones, on a trip to a shopping mall or while visiting your friends… Its durable chassis is characterized by lightness and excellent shock-absorption, while its cradle is spacious and practical.

Its system of seatbelts, which conforms to the highest standards, will properly secure your child no matter how active and curious he or she might be. And a big city is so full of impressions, colors and lights! Just try and absorb, observe, explore and get to know it all!

City Comfort

Comfort and Spacious

Compact Folding

Smart Lock Brakes

How it works


  • 1 > Folding of the baby stroller
  • 2 > Regulation of wheel system
  • 3 > Adjustment of the handle
  • 4 > Hood’s control
  • 5 > Adjustment of seat unit’s back
  • 6 > 5-point system of safety belts
  • 7 > Adjustment of seat unit’s comfort
  • 8 > Spacious glove compartment and reliable system of reflectors
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  • 1 > The car seat ‘s attachment
  • 2 > Removal of leg cover and hood
  • 3 > Adjustment of the car seat’s handle
  • 4 > 3-point system of safety belts
  • 5 > Removable cushion for the correct position of the child's back
  • 6 > The car seat’s fixation into the ISOFIX base
1 2 3 4 5 6



Fire resistant

Color options

We offer the wide scale of colourful combinations for this exclusive collection. We hope that you will find and choosethe baby stroller you favour.


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